The Happytime Murders Film Review
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While this film may feature puppet's it's certainly no kids show. Veteran cop Connie Edwards must team up with her former puppet partner Phil Phillips to solve a series of gruesome puppet and people...

The Happytime Murders Movie Review

The Happytime Murders

Reviewed By: Katy Whitton on 01 September, 2018

Overview: Sesame Street grew up and got rude!

Genre: Comedy

UK Release Date: 27-08-2018

Studio: STX, H Brothers, Black Bear

Brian Henson
Top-Billed Cast: 
Melissa McCarthy
Bill Barretta
Elizabeth Banks
Maya Rudolph
Running Time: 1hr 31 mins

UK Classification:
Classified 15


Katy's Score: 

For some reason I find puppets hilarious. I don’t know why, perhaps I had a problem at a Punch and Judy show as a kid. When I first saw the trailer for The Happytime Murders I was intrigued – I mean who doesn’t love a swearing muppet?

The Happytime Murders is set in an alternate world when humans and puppets co-exist (although the puppet’s aren’t seen as equals). The “Happytime” of the film’s title refers to the name of a popular TV show that’s about to enter syndication and make it’s cast a lot of money – until they start dropping dead that is!

Melissa McCarthy stars as Police detective Connie Edwards who has to reluctantly team up with her former police partner turned private detective Phil Phillips (voiced by Bill Barretta) to solve the murders.

There’s not much of a storyline, although there is an amusing twist at the end, and the plot is basically a series of linked sketches a la Sesame Street but with a lot more swearing.

McCarthy is phoning in her part a bit – but that’s not really surprising considering the lack of story and the fact she’s acting opposite felt, and I can’t say that there are many laugh-out-loud moments. There is however an extremely gross scene that puts the “Puppet Sex” scene from Team America: World Police to shame!

If this film happens to be on the TV you could give it a watch but I wouldn’t actively go out and watch it, I’d pick Team America instead.

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